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Boys Varsity Tennis · Lugoff-Elgin High School Boys Varsity Tennis falls to Westwood High School 5-1

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

5:00 PM

Westwood High School

Lugoff-Elgin High School

Meet Recap

Lugoff played a very disappointing match last night against region opponents Westwood High School. We beat them early in the season, and except for last night’s game… we are playing much better at the end of the season. Thank goodness this loss did not knock us out of the playoffs, but it did knock us down to 4th place in the region. There were very few bright spots last night that Lugoff can carry with them into playoffs.

#1 Singles: Hunter Horton vs. Julian Narboni — One bright spot that you can always count on is for a victory from Hunter. He was the first off of the courts as he won (6-0)(6-0). He spent the rest of the time pacing up and down like the coaches trying to figure out what the other boys needed to hear to push them on to victory.

#2 Singles: Spencer Hinton vs. Kaleb Phelps — Not a lot happened for Spencer in the first set. There was no real rhythm to his game as he managed to get 3 games (3-6). There was hope in the second set though as he took a 5-2 lead. Even having multiple game points in the next 5 games, he was unable to find a way to take that set. He lost it (5-7).

#3 Singles: Matthew Mills vs. Steven Massey — Another bright spot although it did not get us the win was from Matthew. He played a very good game, maybe even better than we have seen him play this year. Unfortunately his opponent was on his game too, and was just a bit more consistent. Matthew went down (2-6)(4-6).

#4 Singles: Harrison Garcia vs. Ryan Hiller — This match did not start off looking good. Harrison was way down in the first set. Suddenly he must have realized that as a senior, this was his last home match. He rallied from behind to tie it up 5-5. A couple of missed opportunities at the net gave his opponent the opening he needed to take the set (5-7). After dropping that set, the second one ended the same way the first one started… not looking so good. He lost that one (1-6).

#5 Singles: Evan Freier vs. Terrell Foster — The score on this one was much closer than the others, but the results should have been a lot different. Evan’s game was too full of errors, especially on the deuce points. Terrel moved Evan around the court while Lugoff kept feeding the ball down the middle and right back to Westwood. Evan lost this one (4-6)(5-7).

#2 Doubles: Tyler Matthews / Ryan Hill vs. Oliver Ellis / Jalen Ryan — Lugoff was down 0-3 in the first set, but managed to fight back to a tie break. They lost the tie break 5-7. After that loss, they mentally never got back into the match and never won another game. They lost the second set (0-6).

Thank goodness Lugoff already had enough region wins to qualify for the playoffs. This loss did knock us down behind Blythewood, and so now we are in 4th place in our region. Instead of going upstate to play some teams and locations we have never seen, Lugoff will be heading towards the beach. If Coach Rickwood is reading the bracket right, we are waiting for the results of a Thursday match between Socastee and West Florence. It looks like the winner will host Lugoff in the playoffs. As a graduate of Socastee, Coach Rickwood is happy for the opportunity to visit his old courts