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Boys Varsity Tennis · Lugoff-Elgin High School Boys Varsity Tennis beat Darlington High School 4-3

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

4:45 PM

Lugoff-Elgin High School

Darlington High School

Meet Recap

After a disappointing showing in last night’s region match against Westwood, Lugoff was looking for some positive momentum in our last regular season match to take us into playoffs. Lugoff stepped up to the challenge, and boy did they deliver.

#1 Singles: Hunter Horton vs. Avery Williamson — Once again Hunter played a very steady match and quickly earned us our first win of the night (6-0)(6-0).

# 5 Singles: Harrison Garcia vs. Max Ward — The next player off the courts was our other senior, Harrison Garcia. He was hitting well, and had some very long points. Unfortunately not enough of them landed in Lugoff’s favor as he went down (1-6)(3-6).

The overall score for the night was now 1-1.

#2 Doubles: Ryan Hill / Evan Freier vs. Ross Beasley / Jonathan Bryant — The next players off of the courts was the number two doubles team. The first set was much closer than the score would suggest (2-6). The second set was a lot more competitive in score and in play. Lugoff almost forced a third set, but were not able to get that last game. They lost the second set (5-7).

The overall score for the night was now 1-2. The remaining three matches were all leaning in Lugoff’s favor, but they were far from over.

#4 Singles: Matthew Mills vs. Jace Watford — The first set was very tight. So tight in fact that it went to a very tight tie break. Matthew took it 8-6. Matthew continued to hit better and better as they made their way through the second set. Even though it took more work than the score would suggest, he took the second set (6-1).

The overall score for the night was now 2-2.

# 3 Singles: Tyler Matthews vs. Kendall Howie — As always, Matthew played a match with as many points as he could squeeze into three sets. He took the first set (6-3). The second set looked very much the same, but with more points going to Darlington (2-6). Darlington got off to a very large lead in the third set tie break. Tyler fought back until they were tied again at 10-10. Normally when Tyler gets this far into a match, he walks off with a win. Unfortunately it did not happen for him this night as he lost it 10-12.

The overall score for the night was now 2-3. Our hopes now rested on the shoulders of our 7th grader playing #2 singles.

#2 Singles: Spencer Hinton vs. Chris Moore — Spencer got off to a very early lead in the first set. He found himself at 5-0. He hesitated for just a moment and let his opponent back into the set. In the end though, Spencer collected himself and took the first set (6-3). The second set went back and forth, but Spencer managed to keep himself out front. Noticing that he was now the only one on the courts, I’m sure the thought hit him to ask if we needed his win. He never asked though, and got his job done at (6-4).

With a 3-3 tie, i was now time to put in our number one doubles team.

#1 Doubles: Hunter Horton / Spencer Hinton vs. Avery Williamson / Chris Moore — Lugoff was in control of this match pretty much the whole time. Like most teams, a large part of their strategy was to hit to Spencer more than to Hunter counting on mistakes from the less experienced player. Spencer once again stepped up to this challenge and put in a lot of winners. Darlington hit a lot more shots at Hunter than expected, and more of these shots went in Lugoff’s favor. Darlington played a respectable match, but Lugoff took this one (6-2)(6-2).

This was a great win to end the regular season with and to lead us into playoffs. It is also nice to get a taste of what the leading team in our new region is like starting next year. Even though all of our boys did not win tonight, they put up respectable scores and should be proud of the effort they put into their games. This is not the time in the season to wish you had done more.