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Boys Varsity Tennis · Lugoff-Elgin High School Boys Varsity Tennis falls to West Florence High School 5-1

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5:30 PM

Lugoff-Elgin High School

West Florence High School

Meet Recap

This would have been a tough match to win even if we had been on our game. Unfortunately West Florence was on their game, and we were a little off… even in our top position.

#1 Singles: Hunter Horton vs. Andrew Habus — Hunter had a long exhausting day. He went straight from an AP exam to the courts. Andrew played an aggressive game, and he was able to take more games off of Hunter than anyone else this year. Hunter still took it in straight sets (6-2)(6-3).

#2 Singles: Spencer Hinton vs. Burns Grich — Just like most of the courts, West Florence had our guys moving side to side and then put the ball away in the open court. Spencer found himself unable to keep his feet under him as he went down (0-6)(0-6).

#3 Singles: Tyler Matthews vs. Hale Emerson — Again West Florence had our player running much more than normal. Tyler fought to stay in every point. After many deuce games, Tyler was able to take a game. It was a minor victory, and unfortunately it was too little too late as he went down (0-6)(1-6).

#4 Singles: Matthew Mills vs. Mason McLamb — Matthew had some great shots, but he too found it difficult to set his feet. Too often this resulted in his shots being far off target and lead to his (0-6)(0-6) defeat.

#5 Singles: Harrison Garcia vs. Wyatt Emerson — Harrison actually played his shots very well, but his opponent had many more shots up his sleeve. LE too fell on this court (0-6)(0-6).

#2 Doubles: Evan Freier / Ryan Hill vs. Patterson Kannon / Austin Tyler — This was probably the strongest #2 doubles team that Lugoff had faced all season. Lugoff had to contend with well placed passing shots, body shots and lobs. This one did not last long as LE went down (0-6)(0-6).

It has been three years since Lugoff had played West Florence. They were a solid team back then, and time has not changed that. Lugoff knew that a win would be tough, but we had hoped to put in a stronger showing in our rematch… especially in playoffs. This season is over, but most of our team will return next year ready for a new season in a new region.