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Boys Varsity Tennis · Lugoff-Elgin High School Boys Varsity Tennis beat Hartsville High School 5-1

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

5:30 PM

Lugoff-Elgin High School

Hartsville High School

Meet Recap

Tonights 5-1 win makes three in a row for Lugoff. Even sweeter though is that this win was against a region opponent. Lugoff lost to them earlier in the year 2-4, but now Lugoff is nearly back up to full numbers… and they are playing much more like a team that believes in themselves.

#1 Singles: Spencer Hinton vs. Mac Waldrop (4-6)(4-6) — Posting Lugoff’s only loss for the night, Spencer still played a respectable match against Hartsville’s top player. It was really anyone’s game as Spencer stretched for numerous passing shots… and Mac chased down high bouncing lobs. The passing shots proved more effective in the end though for Hartsville.

#2 Singles: Matthew Mills vs. Jacob Prozzi (6-3)(6-4) — Even though Matthew got down early in the sets, he game play never really looked too threatened. Matthew managed to push his opponent deep into the corners to finish off a lot of points with easier winners. Matthew’s serve was also on fire, and he showed it by ending the match on an ace.

#3 Singles: Tyler Matthews vs. Christopher Beasley (6-3)(6-2) — Normally Tyler is one of the last players to finish his matches. He has played more 3rd set tie-breaks than probably the whole rest of the team combined. Tonight he decided to change things up by finishing fast. Much like court 2, Tyler kept his opponent on his heels and then powered shots to the open court.

#4 Singles: Ryan Hill vs. Duncan Crawley (6-1)(7-5) — Ryan’s serve helped him finish off a rather quick first set. His serve left him in the second, so he had to try to close out with a different sort of game play. He did well to take a 5-2 lead, but his Hartsville opponent was not ready to step off the court yet. At 5-5, Ryan knew he needed to fight to get momentum back in his favor. He did and so managed to take the last set 7-5.

#5 Singles: Holden Roberts vs. Cooper Myers (6-0)(5-7)(11-9) — It was all Lugoff in the first set. It was all Lugoff trying to stay in the second set, but losing it. Then the small crowd was treated to a very tight third set tie-break which neither player seemed overly eager to take. Eventually Lugoff took the match 11-9, and both players kind of just stood there wondering if the match was really over.

#2 Doubles: Coby Morrison / Trey Stephens vs. Austin Grant / Caleb Riley (6-7)(6-3)(10-6) — Next door to the #5 singles court was another 3 set battle. Lugoff had already won three matches, and we still needed one of these to go our way to keep from having to play the number one doubles match. There was some confusion in the first set as Lugoff lost it in an oddly played tie-break. A much quicker second set went to Lugoff 6-3. All eyes were on the two tie-breaks being played on courts 5 and 6. Lugoff’s boys showed a lot more experience than their actual time of play would suggest as they moved well together and took the net and match 10-6.

The boys are playing much better as a team right now. It isn’t just because they have their top player back and so they can play their actual positions. It is because they are starting to play and trust their own game. Wednesday we host Dreher High School, and we plan on keeping this winning streak alive.