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Boys Varsity Tennis · Lugoff-Elgin High School Boys Varsity Tennis falls to Dreher High School 5-2

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

5:00 PM

Dreher High School

Lugoff-Elgin High School

Meet Recap

Tonight’s match honestly could have gone either way. One thing was for certain though… Dreher’s top two players were the toughest Lugoff’s top two players have had to face all year. Lugoff still gave it their best shot though.

#1 Singles: Spencer HInton vs. Daniel Brown (1-6)(2-6) — Spencer did not look out of this match, but there was little he could do against the power and accuracy coming off of his Dreher opponent’s racquet. Spencer did not win, but he played much more like the Spencer we are used to seeing on the top court.

#2 Singles: Matthew Mills vs. Wilson Stone (0-6)(2-6) — Things looked very much the same on the #2 courts as the #1 court. Matthew was playing incredible tennis that would give most of our opponents fits, but Dreher just absorbed it. Matthew had some wonderful points. Wilson too had many great points. By the end of the match, Dreher had more go their way than we did.

#3 Singles: Tyler Matthews vs. Todd Downey (5-7)(0-6) — The surprise match for Lugoff was the quick removal of Tyler for the night. They played a very tight opening set. With a 5-4 lead and a set point on his own racquet, Tyler was unable to close out the set. Dreher took the first set 5-7… and Tyler never was really in it for the second.

#4 Singles: Ryan Hill vs. Conner Smith (6-3)(6-3) — Much like the top two courts, Ryan was playing better than we have seen him play in a while. He was able to find his game early and keep it steady throughout both sets. He came off the courts not just knowing he had won, but that he had played a great match.

#5 Singles: Holden Roberts vs. Thomas Postic (6-3)(6-1) — In true Holden fashion, he got off to a fast start. His quick feet kept him ahead of his Dreher opponent for the rest of the match. He never let up, and in a very un-Holden like fashion… he was one of the first winners off of the court.

#2 Doubles: Coby Morrison / Trey Stephens vs. Julian Downey / Tyler Wesley (5-7)(5-7) — One of the more entertaining and frustrating games to watch was the number two doubles match. At times there were wonderfully long and smart points. At other times… as each team took turns taking the lead… it was as if neither side wanted to win the match. Eventually Dreher took both sets to win the match that could have easily ended in three tie-breaks.

#1 Singles: Spencer Hinton / Matthew Mills vs. Daniel Brown / Wilson Stone (0-6)(1-6) — Unsure of the overall outcome, both coaches felt like it was the smart move to go ahead and start the number one doubles team. Again… these two Dreher players are the toughest that the Lugoff boys have had to face. Tonight’s matchup was good practice for playoffs. Even though the Lugoff boys lost this one too, they stayed faithful to their own games. If we have to lose, I rather see my boys go down swinging rather than with their heads hanging low in defeat.

Lugoff will meet up with Dreher one more time this season, and we expect to see the end results to swing our way on that day.