Demons News · Raise the Banner! Undefeated in 5-A Region Play!

Raise the Banner! Undefeated in 5-A Region Play!

The 2019 Lugoff Elgin softball team put together another great season. The team is filled with very talented young student-athletes that are committed to excellence in the classroom and on the playing surface. This season the team, in its first attempt, will get to raise a banner for the program’s first undefeated Region Championship in 5-A. And the playoffs are around the corner, starting April 25 at home.

For the 2019 season Head Coach, Savanah Starling added two new coaches. Starling added veteran coach Tim Blizzard, who had six seasons previously with the team, and she added Kathryn Ham, who previously coached softball at Camden High school. Casey Stevens guided the junior varsity team and Tiffany Lee coached the B-team.

Due to Coach Starling and her husband bringing a beautiful new baby girl into the world, Coach Ham assumed the leadership role and filled in during Starling’s absence. To all of coaches credit, they rallied together to have a successful season by going undefeated in region play, and by going into the playoffs as a number 1 seed.

The Success of the 2019 Lady Demons in Regular Season Play

*Regular Season Statics Only

The Lady Demons are filled, from top to bottom, with exceptional players.

Statically, seniors Bailey Douglas (.497), Kaley Goerlich (.446), and Caitlyn Curry (.426) lead the 2019 team in batting average with a minimum of 70 at-bats.

Many of the Lady Demons also hit well above .300 for 2019. Those hitters are Aubrey Rabon (.390), Emily Vinson (.338), Kellee Branham (.325), Hailey Mock (.310), Gracie Holland (.306). Each player had a minimum of 40 at-bats.

The 2019 team had 6 players in double-digit runs batted in (RBI). These players include Bailey Douglas (40), Gracie Holland (18), Kaley Goerlich (17), Emily Vinson (15), Hailey Mock (14), Caitlyn Curry, (12).

Bailey Douglas (25) and Caitlyn Curry (23) lead the 2019 team in runs scored. They are followed by Kaley Goerlich and Hailey Mock, each with 18 runs scored during the 2019 regular season.  Not far behind was Emily Vinson with 17 runs scored.

The only players with triples on the season include Kellee Branham, Aubrey Rabon, Bailey Douglas, and Caitlyn Curry.

Bailey Douglas led the team in doubles with 6, and Caitlyn Curry hit 5 doubles.  The following players all contributed 4 doubles each during the 2019 regular season:  Gracie Holland, Kaley Goerlich, Emily Vinson.

Bailey Douglas (53 IP) and Emma Spradley (54 IP) practically split the pitching load for the Lady Demons 2019 regular season. Together they held their opponents to a .222 batting average (BA). Over 107 innings pitched Douglas and Spradley combined to strike out over 60 batters. Only 38 walks were issued by these pitchers while facing over 480 batters (BF). Bailey Douglas concludes her senior year regular season with a 3.15 ERA, while the younger Emma Spradley concludes her sophomore season with a 2.95 ERA.