Trident Club Agenda and Minutes, Online December Meeting
The Board held an online meeting to discuss any new items and voted on any items following the November Meeting and Referendum passing.  All Board Members replied and voted unanimously as follows below.
1.    Assigning Sister/Brother Sports.
It was proposed that every team has an assigned  “Off Season” team helping rally up support and school spirit.
Result:  The Board decided to shelf the idea for now and start from beginning of the 2017/2018 athletic season.
2.     Taking over the sale of the Adult Season Athletic Passes and selling the “mistake” Athletic Passes for Students that were accidentally sent by Life Touch.
Coach Campbell said we could take back over the season Adult Athletic Passes.  Sell them for $50 since football is over.   (They started at $70) We also have all the Student Passes handed out so we can now focus on selling the “misprints” to other students.  Would sell for $20 just like the others.  We are in need of volunteers to help sell!
Results:  The Board Votes yes to both
3.     Mats for Cheer Leading
Coach Campbell approached Billy Smith as well as Worth Thomason if they will buy or at least contribute to the cheer mats.   He was explaining to them that LE could hold some tournaments ourselves to earn the money back plus some.

Billy Smith/District Office has offered to donate $2500 toward the new Mats,

He has asked if the Trident Club will donate $1500 toward the Mats

He will donate the remaining balance needed (Approximately $5000) from Football Funds

Board voted YES to the $1500 contribution

4.    Uniforms for Track
Matt was told by the Cross Country/Track coaches that we had enough uniforms and that they took the “existing plain ones” and added the LE logo to them.   I asked him to confirm and let us know.   If they do need more, are we in agreement to purchase them?
Result:  The Board approved to order more if needed but not to exceed $1000
5.     Baseball Cart
The baseball representative brought up the need for a new ball cart.   This is something that ranges from $2000 to $8000 depending on what they choose.
Result:   The Board voted NO to purchasing this item 100%.   They will gladly re-approach the topic and may offer TBD set amount toward fundraising efforts by the Baseball Team.
6.    Wrestling Equipment
The Wrestling rep brought up the need for 2 training/workout items.   (2 ropes and and a Peg/Climbing wall.)
Result:  Result:   The Board voted NO to purchasing this item 100%.   They will gladly re-approach the topic and may offer TBD set amount toward fundraising efforts by the Wrestling Team.
Help selling athletic passes
Help selling Signs to Sponsors for Baseball Stadium







The Trident Club of South CarolinaOct. 3, 2016


ATTENDANCE: Kim Setzer, Tina Crane, Kelli Bowers, Amanda Holland, Shane Kirkley, Matt Campbell, Jeanene Campbell, Melissa Pruiett, Terena Campbell, Lisa Kelly, Tammy Lawson, Rachel Erwin, Melissa Hanna, Jill North, Christie Whitehouse, Leah Napper, Tonya Jackson, Shane Belchey, Danika Bass, Randall Brown, Todd Wood, Nissary Wood, Crystal Sexton, Tonya Seay, Terri Hanson

PESIDENT’S WELCOME: Kim Setzer shared the purpose of Trident is to raise funds for the LEHS Athletic Department according to the vision of the AD and coaches. Teams will continue their own fundraising, rotation on uniforms will continue as is. The Trident Club will continue to help in areas that benefit the entire team as a whole.

TREASURER REPORT: Shane Kirkley shared the status of accounts and that the name change has been approved and is recognized by the State of South Carolina.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Kelli Bowers reviewed the upcoming needs of the Sadie Hawkins Dance which include: ticket sales/decorating volunteers/chaperones. It will be held at the Annex on Nov. 12th from 7-11pm.

SCHOOL SPIRIT COORDINATOR: Amanda Holland introduced the goals and purpose of the Jr. Trident Club, their latest projects and fundraisers. They are selling pink flags for Breast Cancer Awareness for $1. They had 27 students attended the first meeting. President is Kenley Logan. Vice President is Sophie Holland. The idea of a Parent Spirit Council for special spirit opportunities like goodie bags, pep rally’s was brought up for discussion. All in attendance seem to think Jr. Trident could head this up as it continues to grow and parents would foster that through their individual sports to show appreciation and support to a fellow sport to create the ONE TEAM ONE SPIRIT idea.

SPIRIT SHACK UPDATE: Tina Crane asked for new ideas for items to sell at shack. Many great ideas were given and prices will be checked to sell those items. Everyone agreed that selling those items at other sporting events would be beneficial.

ATHLETIC DIRECTOR REPORT: Matt Campbell addressed board with his goals and vision for The Trident Club. He answered questions brought to his attention by the parent sports representatives.

TRIDENT PARENT COUNCIL: Each representative brought to light their team’s needs, successes and upcoming events. The needs of each team will be voted on at the Nov. 7th meeting. All of the teams upcoming events can be found on www.DemonActivities.com.

Cheerleading- new matsBoys/Girls Basketball- home/visitor/student section signs

Girls/Boys XC- UniformsTrack- uniforms to match as a team/ drivers

Volleyball- concession help   Girls/Boys Soccer-need center ref/CDL drivers

Athletic training- coolers/water bottlesGirls/boys golf- rolling carts

Girls/Boys Tennis- netsSoftball- infield (see vote) helmets were purchased

Baseball- uniformsFootball- covered

Wrestling- volunteers to help at tournaments

*Trident Club does not purchase food for teams to feed athletes.

*2016-2017 Uniform Rotation: Boys Track, Girls track, cheerleading, Boys tennis

OPEN FORUM: Looking into getting sporting events announced on radio. Creating school spirit.

TRIDENT SOCIAL MEDIA: Jeanene Campbell created the following to keep flow of information going.           Twitter: @TheTridentClub. Information will also flow out to the community from www.DemonActivities.com



VOTE: Ordering athletic pass gate sign. Location of gate will be beside Spirit Shack and will be only for Student Passes/LE Athletic Pass holders. Only home games. Metal detectors provided by Matt. Unanimous vote by board YES to all of these.

VOTE: Buying nets for the tennis courts. Unanimous vote YES

VOTE: Selling glow sticks at home game where we recognize Rec teams to raise money for Sadie Hawkins Dance. Unanimous YES vote.

VOTE: Selling 50/50 raffle at last home game. Unanimous YES vote.

VOTE: Matt Campbell talked about an infield being donated and the naming of that infield. Unanimous YES vote.


Melissa Pruiett: Need 10 parents and Jr. Trident to help with this.  As of now a decorating budget of $350.00. First decorating committee meeting Oct. 13th at 7 pm at Friendship Baptist Church. Next decorating meeting will be Oct. 18th at 7:00 p.m. at Friendship Baptist Church.

Kelli Bowers: Logistics: DJ, security, occupancy limits.


Next meeting Nov. 7th 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in LEHS library.

ADJURNMENT: 8:30 p.m.