Boys Varsity Tennis · Boys Varsity Tennis falls to Hilton Head Island 6 – 0

0 Lugoff-Elgin High School
6 Hilton Head Island High School
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Lugoff-Elgin High School vs Hilton Head Island High School
0 6

So the LE 2018 Boys Varsity Tennis season has come to a close. They lost their 2nd round playoff match on the road to Hilton Head High School. Though the score would suggest a blowout, it was far from that to watch it live. On most of the courts LE scored just about as many points as their opponents did, but Hilton Head was able to claim the all-important ones in the end.

#1 Singles: Spencer Hinton versus Matt Oliver: (0-6)(0-6): There was little Spencer was able to do to overcome the speed, precision and power coming off of his Hilton Head opponent’s racquet. Matt quite often hits what is referred to as a “golden set” where his opponents do not even score a point. Spencer was able to not only thwart that plan, but also fought his way to deuce. Though rallies probably lasted longer than Matt is accustomed to, they were still off the courts in about 30 minutes.

#2 Singles: Alex Hinton versus Davis Phillips: (0-6)(1-6): Always thinking and always adjusting, Alex never looked totally out of a point against his Hilton Head opponent. Although you could tell that Davis was winning the match, you could also tell that he was trying to work things out too. Watching the smart game being played by Alex, it was actually rather surprising to see that LE was only able to get the one game.

#3 Singles: Matthew Mills versus Cooper Steinour: (0-6)(1-6): These two were quite evenly match, and both players were hitting quite well. Both had driving deep forehands from the baseline and good touch at the net. Both had errors as well, and a few more went to Matthew who had to take riskier low percentage shots to try to get his opponent off balance. Whether it was home court advantage or the reputation of the team, on a different day Matthew could probably take this one if he had another chance.

#4 Singles: Holden Roberts versus Alex Ruckno: (5-7)(3-6): This is another match that could have gone either way. For a while it actually looked as if Holden had taken the first set, but after a brief discussion they both agreed that the score was 5-5. Holden would go on to lose that set and then seem a little behind from then on to the end.

#5 Singles: Coby Morrison versus Shane Mason: (3-6)(6-4)(10-12): The exciting match for the night was on the #5 court. Much like Holden’s match, it looked like Coby might take the first set. After dropping it though Coby effectively moved his opponent around enough to keep him slightly off balance and to win the second set. The tie-break went back and forth to the end. Unfortunately both players were too tired to keep up with the score and the serving order and so things got really interesting and confusing for the spectators. Coby had two match points, but he could not convert any of them for the win. In the end Hilton Head just needed the one match point to deny LE a win.

#2 Doubles: Evan Freier / Andrew Boone versus Alex Ittenbach / Mario Magnan: (0-6)(3-6): Too many errors cost LE the opening set. In their defense though they have never had to play a doubles team that communicated as well and as often as the Hilton Head team. The second set was a little closer. LE was hitting well, but the experience of their opponents kept this match out of reach.

Going into this match LE knew the top players were going to be at an extremely high level, so we were really counting on attacking the more vulnerable bottom half. The coaches were not disappointed in the team’s efforts this night, and a few important points falling LE’s way could have made a world of difference. This season is over, but the team is not done. Facing the loss of only one senior, the team looks forward to what they can accomplish together next year.